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A toll free phone number for live 24/7 advice on alcohol addiction treatment in the United States is 888-302-1458.

Do you or a loved one have a alcohol addiction and need to find out about local in-patient treatment options in your local area? Simply call the toll free phone number listed above for treatment options for alcohol addiction in your local area. Alcohol addiction is a condition that can be treated and it’s victims can indeed move on to live full and productive lives. The key to recovery is in not only seeking a solution to the problem, but also participating in the recovery effort with the correct attitude. As with any addiction, and alcohol addiction is included, the person who needs the treatment must be willing to engage in the solution to bring themselves to clarity and sobriety. Simply call the toll free phone number of 888-302-1458 to find out about alcohol addiction treatment facilities in your local area. Take your or your loved ones alcoholism by the horns and turn things around. The first step is to make the call. Call now and see what the Free Alcohol Addiction Treatment Hotline can do for you.