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The Toll Free Telephone Number to Learn More about the Media Arts Program at The Arts Institutes is 877-506-6249.

Discover more about the The Art Institutes Media Arts Program by dialing 1-877-506-6249. You can call today to ask questions, find out the closest campus to your location, as well as ask about online options to fulfill your educational goals.

The Art Institute offers the following:

• Choose from one of our many associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs
• Get a unique, career-driven education from instructors with real-world experience
• Over 40 campus locations across the United States
• Choose from degrees in design, media arts, fashion and culinary studies and many more
• We are the largest system of creative education programs in the North America
• As a student at The Art Institute, you’ll have access to our extensive network of career services.

Call to get more information today about Media Arts at The Art Institutes today by simply dialing the toll free telephone number 877-506-6249.